Behind the Brand – Lux Glow Skin Care


Behind the Brand

Lux Glow Skin Care was started in Los Angeles by Founder Diana Lyte. It was built with the idea of providing non-invasive products and organic skin care to those who are open to transitioning to a toxin-free lifestyle.

The change to better products was made during her pregnancy with her first child, when she became acutely aware of what brands were behind cancer causing ingredients. She made a drastic change to her household by only purchasing vegan and non-toxic products. 

Diana's motto is "When you know better, you do better." It's necessary to research what you put into your body. This includes your skin care and makeup. 

We have sourced the best botanical ingredients from nature for our skin care line to provide natural products that generate glowing skin year round. Products that help heal and hydrate skin, remove impurities, and soften the harsh effects of aging.

The goal is to feel confident in your skin without injecting poisonous chemicals, while teaching others to transition their lifestyle to cleaner, chemical-free choices.