The Ultimate Guide to Scent-Layering with Lux Glow Skin Care

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The Ultimate Guide to Scent-Layering with Lux Glow Skin Care

The Ultimate Guide to Scent-Layering with Lux Glow Skin Care

Scent Layering Tips

Embrace the art of scent-layering, a symphony of fragrances that harmonizes with your Lux Glow Skin Care routine, transforming your daily ritual into an olfactory masterpiece. By carefully combining an exquisite collection of fragrances, you can create a personalized scent that reflects your unique essence and elevates your mood throughout the day.

Start with a base layer scent; pick any body wash you like and follow with similar products as you apply lotions and body oils.  Washing with a good body cleanser is fundamental to scent layering. It primes our skin for moisture, and creates the palette from which we will build a scent atmosphere for the day. I recommend this wallet-friendly body wash from Saltair, with an addicting sandalwood scent. The niacinamide included will soften and hydrate your skin.
Saltair Body Wash
To increase potency, consider a body scrub. Exfoliation is a great next step, especially this one from Necessaire that is enriched with Niacinamide as well. I’ve loved this body scrub for years (and wish in vain that they would bring back the sandalwood deodorant. The cream one was fine!) and I can’t recommend enough their Sandalwood scent. It’s rich and addicting. The gel has pumice powder instead of sugar or salt, so the exfoliation is sustained longer than other scrubs.
Necessaire Body Scrub
Hydrate immediately after you dry your skin post-shower
To build our spicy/sweet profile further, any oil-rich body balm can help our skin recover after a thorough cleanse. This body balm from Aesop is my longtime favorite. Of their body balm range, Rejuvenate is one of the richest that they offer, so it’s perfect for chronically dry skin year-round. I always tell people I share it with that it’s like a creamsicle, aromatically. It’s citrusy-sweet but with the addition of patchouli and vanilla, lends well to the warm notes present throughout the rest of this routine.

 Aesop Hand Cream

Combine or layer with a Body Oil to optimize hydration, and encourage a healthy glow, layer body oil onto your skin. I recommend the Lux Glow Body Oil Bronzer. You can mix this into the lotion or balm of your choice, or you can layer it on top of that very same lotion or balm. It has notes of cocoa butter and vanilla, and adds a distinctly luxurious glow. It’s the perfect addition to the orange-vanilla body balm I recommended.


Lux Glow Skin Care Body Oil Bronzer
Spray perfume on pulse points, and a bit onto clothing
Aesop’s Eidesis Eau de Parfum is my all-time favorite scent, though it isn’t for everyone. I’ve gone through about 3-4 bottles. At this stage I recommend an Eau de Parfum of your choice, just make sure it’s a strong enough scent and not diluted, since this scent will live at your pulse points throughout the day.
I recommend Eidesis because of its notes of frankincense, patchouli and petitgrain that complement, rejuvenate, and cuts through its sweetness perfectly. I’m addicted to this combination. However, the point I’m trying to make is to consider the notes of your fragrance, and incorporate scents that match as you wash and moisturize your body. If your EDP has notes of sandalwood or citrus, it will mesh well with these products, whose formulas are available in a variety of scents and can accommodate many different types of personal fragrance choices.


Dedcool Detergent 

To be the most delicious smelling person you know, incorporate a scented laundry detergent and invest in some on-the-go fragrances (so you aren’t carrying full size bottles with you!). I recommend Oil Perfumery for some affordable dupes that are perfect for travel, and the Dedcool detergent in the Milk scent.
    Remember, scent-layering is an art, not a science. Experiment with different combinations, exploring the interplay of fragrances to discover your signature scent. As you embark on this olfactory adventure, embrace the joy of personal expression and let your fragrance reflect your unique style and personality.

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