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Let's Talk About Your Routine!

The best way to have a successful day is to develop a routine. This includes with your skin care! Yesss.. we all need a day to night skin care routine that we follow and stick to. 

Everyones' routine is different depending on their skin needs. 

Step 1 that we allllll should be doing... yes men as well is...

A proper Cleanser!

If you don't wash and cleanse your face, you probably are constantly struggling with random acne in weird places. You probably have a crazy amount of blackheads. There is dirt trapped in your face. Duh!

And I know the mainstream favorite is a Cetaphyl (rolling my eyes).. it's cheap and on all the shelves. But that doesn't mean its better. 

Time to start looking for a Cleaner Cleanser! With all natural ingredients.

Of course, people with allergies need to read the ingredients because you might be allergic to green tea or some other plant... but it's time to make the switch to vegan products from botanical beauty sources. Skip the chemicals!!! 

We are being poisoned every step of the way through our day. Carcinogens, drinking water, GMO food, bad air quality, plastics in EVERYTHING, and then products full of chemicals that go into our skin. By the way, your skin is your largest organ, don't forget! Let's try to detox our body a little bit each day.

Step 2... a Toner! Yes, again, we all need to use Toner. It closes your pores to protect the nasties from penetrating our skin each day. All day long your skin is fighting a battle to breath clearly, so let it! And who doesn't like to feel refreshed after washing their face. A good toner is just a ahhh moment for your skin. Let your pores just drink it up! 

Personally, I like a minimal toner with the key most important ingredients: VITAMINS. So I use the Green Tea Facial Toner, which features only 9 essential ingredients; Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid being the most important ones, especially if you are a tired mom like me. 

Then it's time for - you guessed it - 

Step 3... the Serums.

This is the best part about skin care. This is where you can really go crazy. The options are endless. Do you want Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C? Do you want a balmy texture or slippery oil? Or both! Layer it on baby!

My go-to serum of choice day or night is the Vitamin C Serum which smells just like fresh oranges in every pump, and is made with citrus stem cells!

The citrus-derived plant stem cells offer numerous anti-aging benefits, including antioxidant protection and collagen support that work overnight to restore hydration, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and revive a healthy glow by morning! It couldn't be any cleaner of a beauty product. Let's not forget, clean beauty is the way of the future! 

I use it daily, and especially heavily if I have been in the sun, which helps boost the antioxidants to heal my skin. 

This particular Vitamin C Serum is also very creamy and thick compared to others, so it allows a nice layer to absorb into your skin. 

Another go-to serum is the Brightening Serum with Green Tea and Lemon Balm. A must-have for boosting your skins natural glow. Jojoba seed is one of the main ingredients of this thick gel, which is an antibacterial ingredient with hypoallergenic benefits. This can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and speed up healing in wounds and acne scars. 

I like to apply the Brightening Serum after my Vitamin C Serum, and before my moisturizer, so I have a proper layer of rejuvenating properties before applying makeup. BTW if you are not using a moisturizer every single day.... I mean, do you even skin care?

Anyway, this serum will create an even layer on skin when applying foundation. Of course, it's also a necessity at night when doing my evening routine. The ingredients are very tame, so if you have done any extra facial treatments during the day or before bed, it won't sting when applying. 

Once a week, I like to use my Derma Roller before bed, and really get in the fine lines and loose skin to boost the collagen. After doing that, it is best that you don't spray or add any creams to your skin for a few hours after. Otherwise your punctured skin will feel like it's burning. (And the reason I use the word 'punctured' is because these tiny micro needles gently puncture your outer layer of the skin which causes your cells to heal and treat these areas.) It's an amazing little product. The next morning, my skin looks all glowy and tight like I just had a facial. Highly recommend this beauty tool if you want an inexpensive way to boost collagen and cell turnover, without leaving the house for a facial.

Anyway, back to my routine...

Step 5 - after the serum I apply my day or night moisturizers. For the morning I use my Hydrating Face Moisturizer with Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid - something we all need on our skin. It also has Niacinamide which is an essential vitamin that we all need. Imagine getting a Vitamin B drip but for your face. SO critical.

Side note- I love mixing my sunscreen with my face moisturizer. Right now I am using SPF 50 Baby sunscreen from an organic company, until I can find something cleaner. Using sunscreen with the moisturizer, mixing it in my hand and applying it together, makes my skin texture super even and protected. Then I take it to the next level and use an SPF 50 liquid foundation. 

At night I use my Detox Nightwear Cream after applying my serums. If you are not using a nightcream, ummmmm like where do I start? Its MANDATORY..! Your skin repairs itself while you sleep! Get one now. When you body is resting, your skin is healing itself too. That's why it's so essential to have a great skin care routine. 

Step 6 optional.

So then, after those steps (which we should all be doing in some form daily), I wear my LED Facial Mask for 15-30 minutes depending on how much time I have and what I am doing while wearing it. For instance, if I am reading a book or working on my computer, then I just put it on and forget about it. My favorite time to use it is after getting ready for the day and sitting down on my computer to go over emails. 

If you are moving around the house cleaning or doing dishes, it is a great time to wear it too. Most people wear the LED Facial Mask during their morning routine while they sip on their coffee. I mean that make so much sense. Boost your cells while boosting your caffeine intake, duh! The best wavelength to wear is the Red Light (between 620nm and 750nm) because it is great for rejuvenating fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen and smoothing the skin. 

The next best the is Blue Light for acne (Wavelength between 476nm and 495nm), which kills all the bad bacteria on your skin. It's the same type of technology that those blue light devices that kill invisible bacteria on your phone. I use this religiously if I did something to anger my skin and have been breaking out. Generally its from wearing my cloth mask everywhere, especially the gym, where I am sweating. Then I have to counteract any new Mask-ne with the blue light. 

Now, my secret weapon for any time that I am sick, hungover or stuffy with a sinus infection, (or even when I got Covid-19 earlier this year), is to use the Orange light setting (Wavelength between 590nm and 620nm) because it's job is to boost lymphatic flow which cleans out all the toxins and impurities out of your skin and sends them out of your body. 

Yes, another side note: Google lymphatic flow and all the benefits of the lymph system. Also read up on it in The Book of Lymph, by Lisa Levitt Gainsley. So important to understanding how our bodies process and clean out toxins. 

But this beauty tool is great to wear while doing any morning routine, such as yoga, mediation or even the dishes. It's super lightweight so it just flows with you throughout the day.  

Hope that helps! Remember, a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer are key. Everything else is just layering, which is essential for great skin! 



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