How to Gift Skincare Properly: The Lux Glow Holiday Gift Guide – Lux Glow Skin Care

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How to Gift Skincare Properly: The Lux Glow Holiday Gift Guide


How to Gift Skincare Properly: The Lux Glow Holiday Gift Guide

Sometimes I Would Buy Dinner Instead of Skincare

You’re wondering, is my skincare collection growing too big? What else do I possibly need? How can I complete this?  The gifting season has finally approached us, and asks us to think of how to bring delight to others. For those of us who are eager to try new ingredients, new formulas, and admire new vessels, here is how to take those considerations and apply it to one of the most personal aspects of our daily routine: skincare.
It can be hard to know where to start: what’s their routine like now? How do I make this a good gift? The love for skincare is infectious, and should be shared with others when relevant. My tip when deciding on a personally luxurious gift is to make it a set; give them a spa experience they can do at home. Let me explain… Here are 5 products that may help you find that very spark of delight for those you hold closest.
Monday Muse the Cleanser soft milky gel
  • This is the perfect palette-cleansing cleanser for all skin types. The prebiotics and aloe vera prime the skin for a clay mask of any type, providing hydration and thorough cleansing. Your mask will penetrate, but it will not overburden due to the use of milk cleansers such as Monday Muse’s. This would make a lovely addition to even the most refined collection.
Lux Glow Skin Care Beauty Fridge
  • This is the optimal place to store your beloved serums and masks, as it enhances their longevity in your collection. The uniquely designed fridge that Lux Glow offers has plenty of compartments for skincare of all vessels and varieties. Fridges are especially useful for storing items which you use less of over time, such as masks, or those which feel refreshing when cold, like toners, moisturizers, and serums.  Skincare fridges are useful for most anyone who does any type of skincare. White pre-order available now!!
Typology P74 Radiance Mask with  Yellow Clay + Organic Turmeric
  • Dear reader, I have become increasingly fond of turmeric throughout my skincare journey. The healing it provides for sensitive and acne-prone skin is kind and reliable. This clay mask is perfect to follow a milky cleanser, as the ingredients in this mask will not overburden most skin types with proper preparation. You will notice a reduction of inflammation and a brighter appearance with a few uses. This is a mask that will enhance any and all skin types, and compliment any routine.   It helps to remove residual yellowness with cotton pads and toner or a reusable cleaning pad (such as ours) and warm water. Whichever way your skin prefers. Also consider Cocokind’s turmeric facial mask stick for a hands-free option.
  • With the use of a clay mask, there should always be consideration for replenishing your skin after such a deep cleanse and detox. Rich in glycerin and squalane, this cream is perfect for giving your skin a big drink of hydration after deep cleansing. The addition of vitamin E and lavender calm any irritations, even for sensitive skin types. Niacinamide helps your pores regulate excess oil production, making this a well-rounded cream to complete most anyone’s day and routine; it will not conflict heavily with most other products you may find in someone’s collection.
Aēsop hand cream
  • Let’s say you’ve already picked something out for someone: a different cleanser, a hydrating oil, whatever. If you feel like it isn’t enough, the addition of an Aêsop hand cream is delightful for a number of reasons: chief among them being the scented linen bag included in every purchase, and the free samples of their more expensive products. Aside from the scent, (mandarin and cedar) the way it can revive one’s cuticles is extraordinary. You can pop your first gift into the linen bag, package it how you like, et voilà. A most pleasing combination, this hand balm can make a great companion for one’s bedside dish or purse.
The Lux Glow Skin Care Advanced Eye Serum
  • To put it simply, everyone could use eye cream. Chances are good your beloved is almost out, doesn’t know about theirs, or doesn’t use it consistently. Packed with antioxidant rich green tea and primrose, our eye cream nourishes gently and hydrates deeply, helping to protect from dryness over continued use. It also makes a great addition to our skin fridge, boosting its skin-feel and depuffing effects. Currently, she’s on sale for $29!

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