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Deck the Halls with Thoughtful Presents: Unwrap the Perfect Gifts Under $100

Lux Glow Holiday Gift Guide UNDER $100!

Lux Glow Holiday Gift Guide UNDER $100!

This week we are featuring some House of Lux Glow favorites, and some house staples you can get on our site. We’ve combed through all of our favorites and wanted to share some gifts for $100 we think your besties will love!

For the one who’s new to skincare in your life, the Lux Glow Skincare bundle makes the perfect starting point for glowing, hydrated skin. This bundle includes our Vitamin C Serum, Face Moisturizer and Detox Nightwear Cream. This bundle is sure to delight anyone who’s in need of some skincare staples that will last throughout the winter and spring!

Grown Alchemist hand care duo

For your friend who’s still using drugstore soap and lotion, look no further than the Grown Alchemist hand care duo. This hand wash has notes of cedar, while the balm has notes of orange and vanilla. This duo is sensual and hydrating, perfect for any vanity, and leaves a lovely lingering scent that lasts for hours.

Advanced Eye Serum

Whether they’re a new parent, running a business, studying for their degree, or all of the above, sometimes eyes could use a bit of extra nourishment. Our Advanced Eye Serum features green tea, primrose, and other antioxidant rich natural ingredients that are sure to hydrate, plump, and revive tired eyes. Keep this in the fridge for an extra boost!

Flamingo Estate’s organic Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar gift set.

We all have them, the beloved who feeds, nourishes, and sustains us through life’s ups and downs; they’re always offering food, a meal, a drink, something for us to nosh on. For them, consider Flamingo Estate’s organic Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar gift set. Perfect for dressing any number of dishes, and wrapped beautifully, this set will surely show your love to those who nourish from within.

During the cold, dry winter months, skin can yearn for extra hydration. Lux Glow’s Facial Steamer is perfect for anyone who’s looking to boost their skincare routine, and create a luxurious, spa-like experience from their vanity. Fill with water, and use after cleansing and toning, or while wearing a mask of your choice, and soon they will notice the effects of the warm steam optimizing their skin’s absorption of all the ingredients we use every day.

Stephanie Dawn Matthis

Run to pre-order Stephanie Dawn Matthis’ ceramics, designed in LA. Her designs are delicately rich, whimsical and darling. Her exceptional painting skills lend to the most beautiful of home details, the ones that bring joy whenever they are in your sight; they remain at the top of the stack. She has an assortment of pieces at $100, like this beautiful Croissant Plate on pre-order right now. She also has pieces available for sale from Salter House.

As the sun sets earlier, and the weather cools, we can lose the beloved sun-kissed skin we come to love over the summer months. For your beach-bum friend who can’t seem to stay inside for very long, consider Lux Glow’s Luxury Glow Body Oil. With almond oil and vanilla extract, this oil is as sensual as it is awe-worthy.

DS&D URGA Roadtrip Hits set

For most of us, we spend upwards of 30 minutes to 2 hours commuting each day. For the friend who powers through traffic, delays, and driving related headaches, consider gifting them the DS&D URGA Roadtrip Hits set, which features 5 of their signature scents in air-freshener form. This is perfect for sensualizing and distracting from all car-related woes.


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